They’re really trying to not let the market collapse before the month-end… Lets see how the market holds up when the 10 year yield pops next week.


Why the U.S. Dollar Continues to Rise, Defying a 2021 Consensus Trade: MW

The U.S. dollar didn’t get the memo, extending a rise versus major rivals as the first quarter comes to a close and defying widely held expectations for…

Threats of Higher Taxes Could Trigger Major Selling of Stocks by the Wealthy

With fears over higher taxes from the Biden administration in order to pay for a sweeping infrastructure bill only growing, some in the financial services community are already starting to voice concern on the impact to the stock market.

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New Signs Show That China Is Cracking down on Debt Again

A first-quarter survey by the China Beige Book found that borrowing by state-owned enterprises dropped to the lowest in the study’s roughly 10-year history.


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