THIS DOES SEEM TO BE THE STRATEGY: Trump’s last line of defense is the economy. Biden and Democrats must knock it down.

The polling is clear: President Donald Trump is on the ropes and Americans are crying out for new leadership as they watch the dire consequences of his chaotic, crass and corrupt presidency unfold against the backdrop of a pandemic and deepening recession. But we are far from the finish line, and while Trump’s support may be dwindling, he still has a leg to stand on.

Among the swing voters who will help decide this election, President Trump still maintains a significant advantage over presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on the question of who is best suited to lead America out of this economic crisis. If we want to ensure that Trump does not win a second term, we need to cut off the last leg of his reelection bid.

It’s the economy, Democrats.

Before COVID-19, Trump was planning to stake his reelection on a roaring economy, and he would have had a semi-legitimate — albeit extremely flawed — argument to make. Now, we’re in a recession and nearly 50 million people have filed unemployment claims.

The economy is all Trump has left

That includes over 1 million unemployed in Michigan, about 850,000 in Pennsylvania and almost 372,000 in Wisconsin. Voters in these states know we’re in a crisis. They’re feeling the pain of the worst economy since the Great Depression. It’s no surprise that for the undecided white working class voters in the upper Midwest we polled in our survey, the No. 1 issue determining their vote is who would best steer the country through an economic crisis.

On that issue, they choose Trump by a significant margin. It is our job, as Democrats, to show these voters that his disastrous handling of the virus led to the deep national recession and economic devastation in their local communities — and that he is unable to provide the leadership to bring our economy back. If his economic standing dips into the negatives, he will be underwater with swing voters on all counts.

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