This Is Bad News For Those Seeking To Rewrite The First Amendment:

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A new annual Index of Religious Freedomfrom the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty finds massive, bipartisan support for an America in which the right to believe or not believe is protected in public and private.

Three-fourths, or 74 percent, of the respondents support religious freedom “when that practice takes place at work.” In fact, 63 percent of the respondents “supported the freedom to practice religion in daily life and at work, even when it creates an imposition or inconvenience for others.”

In other words, evangelical bakers and florists who wish only to support traditional marriage are entirely within their constitutional rights to suggest to homosexual couples planning weddings to seek cakes and floral arrangements at other establishments.

The index results demonstrate just how out of touch with most Americans are those like the Freedom From Religion Foundation who are trying to redefine the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom as applying only to the private realm.



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