This is from 2006. No way this would be written today.

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Today it’s all censorship and deplatforming.

It’s all about control…

A climate of censorship

Increasingly, environmentalists are calling for the silencing of climate-change sceptics or deniers. The deniers’ words are so dangerous, we are told, that they must be censored for the good of humanity. Some have even claimed that in denying climate change, these individuals are committing a “crime against humanity” and should be put on trial.

As Charles Jones, an emeritus Professor of English at Edinburgh University, has argued, the denier label is intended to assign any “doubters” with “the same moral repugnance one associates with Holocaust denial”. In short, they are wicked people with base motives.

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There could be no better description of the efforts to sideline climate-change sceptics.

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Environmentalists seek to protect their opinions from public debate by claiming that they are “indispensable to wellbeing”, and they describe as “bad men” those who would dare to challenge their opinions. And they see nothing wrong in “prohibiting what such men would wish to practice”.

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You can call that a simple attempt to transmit facts, if you like. But I’m with Mill: it is censorship, and no good has ever come of censorship.


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