This is going to drain liquidity from the Nasdaq….

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  • The red-hot initial-public-offering market continues, with 16 companies set to go public by May 10.
  • These companies include mega-“unicorn” Uber, thought to be the largest IPO of the year.
  • IPOs have performed well this year – with the exception of Lyft.

Get ready for an initial public offering bonanza.

The next 9 days are set to be some of the most active in the history of the IPO markets, according to data compiled by IHS Markit.

Next week alone, nearly $10 billion in equity capital is set to be issued – the majority of which is related to Uber’s IPO. Since 2001, there have only been six weeks with greater IPO activity by capital amount.

The ride-hailing giant Uber is expected raise about $8.5 billionafter lowering its valuation in a bid to avoid the disastrous share performance of rival Lyft. Should Uber issue the full $8.5 billion, it will have raised more than triple the IPO capital of Lyft.

Several international companies are also planning to access the IPO market, including Canadian pharma company Milestone and Chinese technology companies Yunji and So-Young.


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