This is how career politicians become millionaires

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Nancy Pelosi’s Brother’s Company Received $737 Million from Obama’s Energy Dept.

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Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ron Pelosi, received a whopping $737 million dollars from Obama’s energy department in 2011, when Nancy was House Minority leader.

To understand the greed of the Democrats and how they are likely to personally profit from the Green New Deal, we only have to look back to the Obama administration, the $3 trillion in “stimulus” money, the green movement, and how it massively enriched Democrats, their donors, and Nancy Pelosi in particular. reports: For background we cite a September 2011 article from the Daily Mail:

Even as government financed “green energy” pioneer Solyndra was failing, the Obama administration approved an additional $1 Billion in loans to similar green energy projects.

A whopping 737 million of that money went to the Crescent Dunes project situated in Tonopah, Nevada, to finance a 110-megawatt desert solar power plant.

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