This is not the FLU, it is the SUPER FLU – Read about Patient Zero

Here’s the deal. I’m right in the middle of this sh!t here in Washington state. Below is the link to the patient zero here in the U.S. that came from Wuhan China. Read through it slowly and read it 5 times.

CoVid19 is the FLU, but it is the SUPER FLU. Why?

o It has all the same symptoms as the FLU
o BUT, you can have it and pass it without showing symptoms
o BUT, you can get it from others VERY easy, much more contagious
o BUT, the symptoms are much more pronounced, extreme. you’re going to cough, sweat, and shit a lot
o If you’re healthy, you’ll be fine, but it will be one hell of a sick week to 2 weeks
o If you’re old and sickly, well… God Bless

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I’m no doctor, but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express once…



h/t MyPillow