This is SAD what is happening to our Great Country. We are all watching a Communist Takeover in the place we were born.

by Deplorably Saddened

And they berate our Great President and hate him because he is good.

They hate our Country and what it stands for.

They hate our freedom and want it for themselves but dont want it for us, we pay their salary.

All of us have suffered and struggled so hard our whole lives… To pay bills. Take care of our families. To try to be decent people.

And they wont give us an avenue to try to make things the way they ought to be and set things right.

They want to demolish our home and kick us out on the street in the cold while they eat their fancy dinners in their warm mansions and wash their hands of their evil deeds and laugh that they got away with it.

A new world order. Behind closed doors.

It saddens me to see how hard patriots, conspiracy people… Worked so hard and sacrificed so much to bring us the truth to defend our way of life… They were right all along, all of them.

And now what they have warned us for years and years is at our door.

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I always thought we would win. And right the things wrong in the world and that we would win.

I was hoping for a happy ending to this movie.

That we would all celebrate lur triumph over evil, lies and hypocrisy and live in a world that is free and beautiful and mkst importantly makes sense.

When i look at the future and what it holds for us, all i see are bravel new wars… Brave new bombs. Brave new lies and brave new tragedies.

I dont know if there is anything we can do at this point to win the day.

It truly is a sad time.

And a sad thing that i dont think anyone ever wanted to see.

We still have eachother.


And Good Luck.


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