This is the PERFECT time to start being extra kind to people and offering help any chance you can.

by xrangegod1

WE can use this crisis to our own advantage. Let’s demonstrate humanity and show that we’re capable of putting partisan/religious/racial differences aside. This crisis could unite us.

I was at the store earlier and I noticed something. Everybody was being extremely kind and helpful to one another.

I went in actually expecting everybody to be behaving like fucking animals. Hogging items, pushing and shoving. The opposite was true.

It hit me. In times of crisis, we often (not always) naturally behave in a more mature and civil manner toward one another.

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I think perhaps, it’s because when things get serious and our cozy way of life is jeopardized, we all sort of Inherently realize, even if momentarily, how fake and meaningless this “plantation” we live on is. All of things that divide us and separate us seem so trivial and unimportant.

Use this crisis as an opportunity to show kindness to other people. Donate some supplies if you have extra. Make a post on social media about how you’re willing to give rides to the store or deliver food/supplies. Randomly smile at someone, strike up a conversation. Apologize if you do something annoying or inconsiderate.

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Because if there is a major catalyst on the way, when they pull that rug out from underneath us, just maybe we won’t scatter and panic like scared rats. Maybe instead we’ll stand in solidarity and look out for each other.

Believe me, there is nothing more terrifying to the ruling class than that.