THIS is the Real Secret Behind Enforced Mass Migration

by Mark Angelides

If it seems like governments across the Western world are engaged in a frantic effort to force as many immigrants from less developed countries into American and European cities as possible, it’s because they are. This is not a humanitarian effort; it is not an economic model to ensure that national economies maintain their current GDPs. The truth is far more sinister.
Why is the question never asked – if we take millions and millions of migrants/refugees out of Syria (the Middle East and Africa, too), and as has been suggested, to carry this policy and process on indefinitely, who will be left in those parts of the world?
Time and again we are told  that a larger population leads to a better economy. But if nations are “asset-stripped” of their population, surely they will become economic deserts. They will, and this is the whole point. Once there is little or no economic activity left, it will be very easy to encourage the last remnants to move along. With no business, utility infrastructure, education, and just a place-holder government, the final population will have no choice but to migrate. These “wastelands” (still rich in other resources), can then be used as the Globalist overseers wish.
And what of the migrants and the native populations of their host countries? They will be moved into cities which will grow larger and larger. No one will be permitted to live in the countryside because this would entail property ownership by an entity who is not “The State” (just look at what’s happening to farmers all over America today). In 2008/2009, the largest transfer of private property in history took place (non-war related). Homeowners lost their homes to the Banks that were responsible for the crash in the first place (and were subsequently bailed out by the very taxpayers whose homes they were seizing). And what are the banks doing with all of these newly acquired properties and lands? Almost nothing. The majority of these properties are just sitting vacant, being used as assets on a balance sheet. And of course the lack of movement keeps areas economically stagnant.
In the near future, property ownership will be the preserve (and the right) of the few. Millions will live in mega-cities and pay rent (or if not, become a member of the homeless-class, of which there will be hundreds of thousands per city), and their jobs will pay only enough buy necessities from State producers…The wage compression from mass-immigration will see to this.
There will be one central governing body (styled after the European Union which is the prototype), and laws will be regulated and exactly the same in every city across the globe.
This is the real purpose of enforced mass-immigration; and as a byproduct, it is the reason that wars are constantly raging throughout these areas. It is for control structures and ultimately power over each aspect of life. If it seems like a Dystopian story, it is. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening right now.