More than 50% of Brits are Convinced That the EU is Trying to Derail Brexit in the June Election

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by Mark Angelides

A major new poll from YouGov has shown that more than half of Brits believe that the EU is trying to influence the outcome of the General Election on June 8th. The polling was carried out in response to British Prime Minister, Theresa May, making a statement that The European Union was attempting to derail the Brexit process.
And this election is quite simply about Brexit. Under the Fixed Term Parliament Law, the PM did not need to call an election until 2020, but she stated that to get a stronger mandate to lead the Brexit negotiations, that she would “ask the public” with another election. However, as polls were showing the opposition Labour Party behind by over 20%, it was actually just a unique opportunity to kick them in the face and get 5 more years of power.
The Poll shows (page 11 has this particular data) that 51% think that the EU is trying to influence the election, 24% think probably not, and of course those that have n opinion make up the rest. If we were to remove the “non-opinion holders”, that make 68% who see the EU as interfering in a Sovereign Nations democratic elections.

What has surprised many is the actual “lowness” of the number. 51% whilst being a majority (and 68% of those who can manage to form an opinion) is quite low considering the following:

  • The EU makes 75% of the UK’s laws and regulations.
  • The EU forbids Britain to sit at the UN.
  • The EU is the single most powerful force working in British Politics today.
  • The EU effectively own the British fishing rights in the Brit’s own territorial waters.
  • The EU courts are superior in power to the UK’s Supreme Court (and the Eu court does not even have real judges sitting in it).
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The EU clearly is interfering with British Politics, but it has been since Britain joined a “Customs Union” all those years ago. From the beginning, the EU project has been about taking power and sovereignty (or “pooling sovereignty” as they like to call it) from member states. This is its whole purpose for existence.
This is not a strange conspiracy from a “Eurosceptic”, it is the plain truth that the EU seeks to become the United States of Europe. It openly admits this (although not during election time), it has an Flag, an Anthem (to which Emmanuel Macron gave his first address to), an army and a navy. And yet there are still people in Britain who think that they are not trying to influence the UK elections.
Perhaps a more “grabbing headline” would have been: The Shocking 24% of Brits Who Cannot See the Reality of the EU!


2 thoughts on “More than 50% of Brits are Convinced That the EU is Trying to Derail Brexit in the June Election”

  1. Of course the EU will try to manipulate the election. But they’ll have a hard time doing it — nobody is really on their side.
    Labour is traditionally pro-EU, but their PM candidate is Corbyn, an outsider who is not really anti-EU but who doesn’t like the Brussels corruptocracy one bit (he’s in the “keep the EU, but it needs serious reforms” camp – hardly the first choice of Junckercrats).
    They certainly won’t back UKIP, and May promised to actually go through with brexit.
    Chances are the EU will back a weird mix of corrupted Labour candidates, corrupted Tory candidates and corrupted LibDems.


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