THIS is Why Pension Funds Are Being Cut All Over the World!

I actually don’t like pensions. I don’t like the idea of money being pooled together, forcefully taken from individuals, and then given back to you at a later date. I’d prefer the money today. But the issue I have is that these are promised to people. If you promised giving them $1000 and they now get $700, we have a big issue because they can’t live on that.

Do you think anyone is aware that it’s possible that pensions can be CUT? Or are they going to be completely surprised when it happens?

Pension-Problems-Returns-040417-3.png (1768×953)

Actual-vs-Promised-040517.png (1103×644)

Kitces-Spending-Drawdown-071116.png (718×431)

SP500-SpendDown-Scenarios-050818.png (980×510)

Retirees Face A “Pension Crisis” Of Their Own | RIA