THIS Only Happened 1 Time IN HISTORY! And the Stock Market CRASHED!

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In your opinion, is there too much emphasis on tech stocks right now in the market?

When you look at the stock market you see an obvious overvaluation. Some acknowledge this fact but are simply riding the wave. Others can’t see the indicators because their heads are buried in the sand. If there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s that people quickly forget. No matter what the situation is, they always seem to get caught up in the euphoria and then it’s too late.
Technology now makes up a quarter of the stock market
2018-02-28_9-44-44.jpg (890×459)
2018-02-28_12-34-34.jpg (890×469)
Dow closes 380 points lower, snaps longest monthly win streak since 1959
US GDP growth revised lower to 2.5%
Screen-Shot-2018-02-26-at-7.25.31-PM-1380×800.png (1380×800)×800.png

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