Thousands of Docs Showing Pay-to-Play Between Hillary State Dept & Clinton Foundation

by Thinker

When no one questioned the missing $2.3 Trillion by the Pentagon the day before 9/11, the swamp has filled up with bottom feeders that have bled the American people to death. How many wars have American men/women fought and died in for greed? How many lies were told for it to happen? How many of the liars fear the Trump investigations?


An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow announced Wednesday the American Center for Law and Justice uncovered thousands of documents showing Clinton Foundation pay-to-play with Hillary’s State Department through a FOIA lawsuit. There was no firewall between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation as Hillary previously claimed to the public.

Via the ACLJ:

As part of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Deep State Department, we have been informed that the State Department has located – and will be forced to turn over to the ACLJ – literally thousands of documents to and about the Clinton Foundation, its subsidiaries, and its senior operatives during the duration of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. The shear volume alone – some 30,000 emails – debunks the specious assertion that there was any kind of firewall whatsoever between Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation. These documents, only now being uncovered through our FOIA request and subsequent litigation, show extensive communications exchanged between Clinton or her senior staff at State Department and Doug Band – a senior aid at the Clinton Foundation and creatorof the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

In recent court filings, the State Department has revealed that:…oundation/

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Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Clinton should be in jail

These people went to prison for the same thing Hillary Clinton did

Jeffrey Sterling and John Kiriakou both used to work for the CIA and blew the whistle in various forms. They were both sent to prison for the crime of mishandling classified information – the same crime Hillary Clinton just got off for doing, thousands of times more than Sterling and Kiriakou.

Obama and his henchmen and the intelligence community bet the farm on Hillary winning so that his legacy would be assured and all of their crimes and abuses would remain hidden – not just the crimes and abuses of Obama and his administration, but also the crimes and abuses of . an intelligence community that had gone rogue and placed itself above the law, a deep state power unto itself answerable to no one but itself.

What seemed like a sure bet, didn’t happen – which is why the deep state immediately turned its efforts into getting rid of Trump before the truth came out. Like the failed election, the deep state’s efforts are coming undone and the likes of Obama, Holder, Lynch, Yates, Rice, Powers, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper and more are going to have plenty to answer for.

Stay tuned and:…read=99749


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