Thousands of single American men apply to sponsor Ukrainian women and kids under Biden’s new humanitarian parole program

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The Biden administration on Monday established a program that allows Americans to sponsor Ukrainian refugees and have them temporarily stay in the United States under a system known as humanitarian parole.

The program, called Uniting for Ukraine, is a piece of a larger initiative to temporarily resettle as many as 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, but migrants themselves cannot directly apply. Instead, a sponsor in the United States must apply on their behalf, and then migrants may complete the process after their sponsor is approved.

Here’s how the program works:
American Sponsors

Most people who reside legally in the United States — including green card holders and other immigrants — may apply to sponsor Ukrainian migrants, as long as they can prove they can financially support them. That could include providing room and board or direct payments to the refugees for necessary expenses.

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Sponsors must designate specific refugees to assist. Welcome.US, a humanitarian group for refugee resettlement, has created a mailing list for people interested in becoming a sponsor.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how sponsors can apply:

Go to the web portal for the program at




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