Three World Leaders Absolutely Obliterate Biden…No Recovering

European Union and U.K. leaders have voiced their criticism of how U.S. President Joe Biden handled America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a stark difference from the praises they gave at the beginning of his presidency.

“We lived a little bit the great illusion,” said French Parliamentarian Nathalie Loiseau. “We thought America was back, while in fact, America withdraws.”

“To see their commander-in-chief call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim that they ran, is shameful,” Tugendhat said.

Chris Bryant, from the opposition Labour Party, called Biden’s remarks about Afghan soldiers, “some of the most shameful comments ever from an American president.”

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Soeder said Washington should provide funding and shelter to people fleeing Afghanistan, since “the United States of America bear the main responsibility for the current situation.”

“The people had a glimpse of a better life — but that has been torn away.”


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