Tim Pool: Project Veritas #Expose2020 Could Spell The END For Bernie Sanders

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Project Veritas Expose Could Be THE END For Bernie Sanders, Video Shows INSANE Far Left Rhetoric. The undercover video from Project Veritas is so shocking that I won’t actually be able to tell you what was said by Bernie Sanders campaign staffer in Iowa.

I can say however that he called for very bad things for Trump voters and made positive remarks about horrific actions during the Soviet Union.

This is just one staffer for one Democratic candidate. But the media is already going after Bernie with insane stories. Just the other day Elizabeth Warren’s camp ran with the narrative that Bernie said a woman couldn’t win the presidency.

This story seems absurd for a far left progressive like Bernie Sanders. The story is obviously a smear designed to boost Warren and hurt Bernie.

Considering the lengths they go to manufacture smears you must certainly recognize that while this is just one staffer at one Bernie office the media is going to have a field day with the far left rhetoric of his staff.

This kind of language is unprecedented in a US presidential election even if it is one lowly staffer. The media will use this and so will the democratic establishment.

While this could actually help Bernie in the primary when it comes to the general 2020 election Trump will go to town with these clips.

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