Timeline of recent events

by blindsoupkitchen

Because it’s just too funny to watch

Monday, September 30th: Hillary reemerges in the media

Tuesday, October 1st: Bernie suffers a heart attack while campaigning in Las Vegas, on the anniversary of the Las Vegas shootings

Wednesday, October 2nd: Hillary and daughter Chelsea kick off ‘Gutsy Women’ nation wide media circuit

Tuesday, October 8th: Hillary tweets ‘Don’t tempt me. Do your job” at Trump (she’s baaaack)

Late Tuesday, October 8th: Bernie Sanders’ daughter dies suddenly following cancer diagnosis. Bernie essentially announces he is pulling back his campaign.

Wednesday, October 9th: “Obviously I can beat him again”

It’s all a ruse. Everything is already decided, stop getting worked up and mindlessly arguing left vs. right politics. It will be Trump vs. Hillary again and that was already decided long ago. None of these people care about you, they’re playing for the same team



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