Tips to Handle Overload When Combining College Studies and Work

With so much to do and so little time, it is common to find students taking on more responsibilities that they can handle. It could be that you are concerned about your job security or your academic performance. Or that you have to juggle between personal, professional, and academic responsibilities. Whatever the cause, evidence shows that the stress resulting from demanding workloads can not only lower performance but can also result in serious adverse mental health consequences in the long-term. While college can be hectic, particularly if you choose to combine work and studies, there are strategies you can use to effectively manage your time. Here, we consider some of the most applicable ones.

Effectively Manage the Time You Have Between Work and Studies

When your workload expands, whether due to increased responsibilities by your employer, a personal emergency, or due to assignments, it becomes more critical to focus on time management. Even if your work increases, your time will remain the same. You need to recognize priority areas and pay attention to them, ensuring that the most important tasks get completed well before their deadlines.

Effective time management will also mean that you have to figure out and eliminate those bad habits. Of course, there are many things that can add up and to waste your time in a major way, such as social media and reading through junk mail. Don’t procrastinate what you can do immediately. Once you have identified and eliminated those time-wasting habits, you will be able to notice how much time you will have saved for important tasks.

While you will need to list everything you need to do, know that you don’t have to do it all. Of course, a to-do list is critical to time management and in ensuring that you don’t miss some important tasks. However, you are only human. You can consider delegating some responsibilities. For instance, consider getting custom writing help from a reliable academic service, which ensures that you don’t miss deadlines on assignments.

Attending Classes Must Remain a Priority

Most students, attracted by the need for income and to impress their bosses, tend to prioritize work at the expense of classwork. If you have to combine work and studies, class comes first. You need to work out your school schedule and determine the free hours. You can then organize your work around your classes. After all, getting that degree is much more important than that temporary gig.

Use Technology to Stay Organized

Organization is key to effectively juggling between responsibilities. You can use the calendar application on your phone or Google Calendar to make sure that you are reminded of important events like assignment deadlines and changes in work shifts. After all, college life can be quite hectic.

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Consider Less Hectic Work-Study Options

Of course, combining work and studies has the benefit that you gain valuable on-the-job experience as you earn some income. However, you don’t need to continue with a stressful arrangement. There are less hectic on-campus work-study jobs, which can be scheduled around your classes.

Talk to Your Employer About Your Availability

Communication will be critical in managing your increased responsibilities. As soon as you receive your class schedule, inform your boss. By sharing a copy of your schedule, you get to let them know when you will be available, thus allowing them to plan appropriately. The sooner you communicate changes in your schedule, the more likely it is that they will accommodate your needs.

Make Time for Fun and Socializing

While getting some added income and on-the-job experience is critical, college is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is your chance to interact, create friendships, and form networks that you could turn to in future. Don’t take on too many responsibilities that will deny you the chance to create memories and enjoy yourself. Remember, it is the things you do and the people you meet that make college memorable.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed — Seek Help When Necessary

Well combining work and studies is not an easy feat to achieve. Furthermore, there can be unforeseen occurrences such as illness or death of a loved one that can eat into the already limited time. Whenever you feel like it is all too much, look for a quiet space and block everything out. If there are aspects of your job or assignments that you can get assistance with, don’t hesitate to outsource. Your health is critical.



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