Tips to Negotiate a Higher Selling Price on Your Home

Selling a house in today’s market is tricky.  You have to set realistic expectations but at the same time you want to make as much off the property as possible. However, the number you want to get for the house is not always the number buyers are willing to pay for it, and that can be a hard concept to grasp sometimes. However, there are a few ways to negotiate a higher selling price when you are ready to sell your home.

Be realistic but strategic

It is easy to find out how much your house is worth by comparing it to other houses being sold and that have sold in the neighborhood. You can manually look this information up or use a home price calculator to get an estimate. Once you get the estimate, compare it to the number you wanted to get for your home. You need to be realistic here when pricing your home, because anyone can calculate an estimate just as easily as you had, so if you need to change your number then do so. You can price the house SLIGHTLY higher than the number you want to be strategic. This allows some room for negotiation and hopefully you will get the house for the price you wanted.

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Stage your home

Staging seems like it may be a waste of time and money to some people but using furniture and home decor to accentuate your house adds value to your real estate. Staging your house to look like a beautiful home will get the buyer to picture him or herself living in it. One way you can do this by renting new furniture and decorating to make the home look exactly how you want it to. This is great because you can get the furniture and pieces that are in style and fit best in the home. If you don’t have the extra cash to spend you can always use your own furniture. You will likely need to straighten up and declutter for this to be successful seeing as though homes get overcrowded very easily. In some instances you may even need to remove items or furniture pieces to make the space feel larger and look better.

Think outside the box

In an instance where you have a buyer extremely interested in buying the house but you cannot decide on a price, get creative. For example, you can offer to throw in something extra they may like in exchange for a higher sale price. The idea here is that you give them something else in exchange for their compliance. Get creative and offer them anything you are not attached to and see if they bite. You can try to offer them your window treatments, the couch you never use, the appliances, or even your least favorite child if it comes down to it. Ok, well maybe don’t offer them your kid but you get the point. Anything to get that house sold at a price you are comfortable with.  


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