To anyone still in doubt about the past few months.

by SecondHandKitten

Decided to post my take on things. I am from europe, not the US. The last few months has been an absolute clownshow, these last two weeks have made me realize it was all fake.

So here I was, living peacefully, enjoying life. Things had been going well for me for some time after a long period of difficulty. Cue china. Cue the videos of dead bodies being dragged on the street. Cue the videos of people literally being welded in their house. I was scared shitless. For a long time I had known that the only thing the media is good for is spreading hate and divission. I already knew the political system is a mere play, a soap for the people. Yet this one was different. Why would China, of all countries, go to so much effort to eliminate this virus? It must be real dangerous. Everyone knows China doesn’t care about their people.

People in my country were even more scared than I was. Stores turned empty over night. Than the next night the streets turned empty as well. The only people still walking around did so with great caution. Most wouldn’t even look at you (or anybody else) when they walked past you in the streets anymore. If looks could kill…

I got laid off and lost my job. Luckily for me I managed my way through and am still mostly fine, albeit with a lot less savings than I started with. Some friends weren’t as lucky. They couldn’t pay rent anymore and had to move back in again with family. Their lives literally came to a standstill as their job, financial independence and their home got taken from them overnight. This all hapenned within the first month of the Coronavirus hitting my country.

We’re in month no. 4 now. Most small businesses have disappeared from my city. Small restaurants closed their doors for the lockdown and never returned. Every single one of my friends (and I do mean every single one) who had a business for themselves are looking for a job. ‘More security’, they say. For the last two weeks 5 people died each day from the virus. FIVE. The deathtoll coronavirus has in my country isn’t even half of what the flu did in 2018. Yet, our lives are destroyed. People lost money, their home and their livelihoods.

I’ve tried talking. They don’t understand. With every question I ask, all I get in return are empty catchphrases. Things i’ve already heard repeatedly on the news. “But Johnny, aren’t you angry you had to declare bankruptcy on your company, which you build from the ground up over the last two years?” I’d ask one of my friends who got royally screwed by the virus. “Yes, but i’d be even more angry if I caused the death of even one elderly person because I couldn’t set aside my business”. Nevermind the fact my government has been cutting back on health services for years now. Don’t think about the fact that if they hadn’t, you’d still be in business. Don’t think about the fact that old people do die, every day. Don’t think about the fact that none of what is hapenning is according to law. Don’t think about it. Agree and comply. And don’t let them catch you not complying. If you get caught sitting or standing less than 2 metres from someone else, you’ll be given a permanent criminal record (bye bye carreer) and a fine of no less than $500.

I remember when the lockdown protests came. Same day in my country as they did in the US. Guess the stars had to align in a major way to make that one happen. 60 people showed up. The media was up in arms. ‘What a selfish, disgusting group of people’, they’d say. ‘This protest set us back weeks, think about the virus!’. And they al got arrested, fined and publicly shamed.

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Cue last week. Again, on the exact same day. All over the western world. The same protest. Only this time, the media applauded it. My government decided they weren’t gonna stop this one. The cause is just too important. Thousands of people gathered to protest the unlawful death of a man who lived over 1000 kilometres away. To protest a police force that they never encountered and isn’t active in their own country. ‘Well, racism is alive and well everywhere in the world’, they’d tell me. ‘But a white asshole like you wouldn’t get it. Whites are too priviliged to see their own hate. Fuck you people!’

If you disagree with the protest you’re a racist. If you mention the coronavirus you’re a racist that doesn’t realize how much worse racism is than a virus. Racism is the real virus, or so i’ve heard. Any mention of facts is now ignorance. Every one agrees, this protest was just too important not to do.

Yet the lockdown hasn’t ended. Fines are still being given out every day. Over 5000 and counting. We’re entering what they call ‘the new normal’. To be fair, some businesses have been given the green light to open again. Yet they have to comply with such ridiculous rules that they hardly manage to get by. Restaurants may be opened. But no more than 30 people in the restaurant (including staff). You may have a drink outside on the terrace again. But only if you sit two metres from anybody else. New rules, not written into law. The new law is whatever the prime minister says. The entire political system is cast away, all checks and balances put out of order.

It’s clear what is hapenning. None of this would make any logical sense if there wasn’t anybody pulling the strings. It’s not even being hidden anymore. The people have just lost their ability to see. The protests in my country were hosted by professional organizations. Organizations that receive funding from the same old names. You know who they are.

I will not speak up anymore. Everybody not agreeing and complying is seen as subhuman filth. They gave me a choice. Agree and comply or be cast out. In one day I have deleted all my social media and after this post Reddit will follow. I can’t be bothered with this sick system anymore. I will focus on myself and only on myself. So that when the time comes, i’m ready.

Whoever’s reading this. Be smart. They will try to come for the disbelievers and it won’t be pretty. They’re pushing for an international civil war. They wan’t us to fight eachother while they watch from the sidelines, ready to declare a winner.

Good luck.



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