Top 5 Online Business Ideas with Low Investments & High ROI

Thanks to the advent of the internet, business opportunities have increased exponentially and so many business ideas can be little to no investment, it’s almost ridiculous. Online businesses have been popping up left and right over the past decade and it’s what made Jeff Bezos the richest man in the US. For some of the best online business ideas that require low investments but come with high potential returns, keep reading.

One of the reasons why Amazon has grown so much is due to the sheer extent of its reach and the extensive deals that are offered on the site. It’s so easy to get discount on Amazon from, for example, that it is practically a no-brainer for online shoppers. Budding entrepreneurs can use this and many other business models to grow their own enterprise and it doesn’t even necessarily require a lot of money to get started.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been on every list discussing successful online business ventures for years and for good reason. It practically requires no money on the part of the entrepreneur and the potential for scaling is massive. The only thing needed to start is a website or a blog that discusses a particular niche that can be monetized. From there, it’s just a matter of finding affiliate marketing partners such as a giant retailer like Wayfair.

This particular business generates profit via commission through clicks. Every time users click on a particular ad, banner, or link that, money can be earned. This is done either through the purchase of the product or even the simple redirection to a particular page. The whole arrangement could not be simpler.

  1. E-Books

Those who have any skills or information that they can share with other people who will then use that skill or information to make money can monetize it through e-books. All that is really needed to get started is a computer and internet connection, as well as the ability to type sentences in a coherent manner. From there, it’s just about selling the idea through marketing.

  1. Re-selling

While it does require money, the re-selling industry does not need much of it to get started. Entrepreneurs can easily purchase used goods like shoes, clothes, furniture, and so on, and then sell them online for profit. Thanks to the proliferation of social media sites and e-commerce platforms, the number of options to do this is dizzying. What’s more, you can sell those products on multiple sites to maximize reach and visibility.

  1. Service-Based Business

Were e-books involves putting skills and information into words to sell, there is also the option to just sell those skills and information directly to clients. It is entirely possible to build a business around providing services to customers via website development, social media marketing, video content production, and so much more. Practically any skill can be monetized online with enough creativity and effort.

  1. Publishing

One of the things that makes the internet such a revolutionary invention is how it effectively gave the power of traditional business enterprises to the people. Back in the day, for example, having a book published required either spending the money for self-publishing or selling the idea to a publisher. These days, this practice can be co-opted by anyone who has the necessary marketing savvy to promote written work of every format. 

Basically, anyone can become a publisher of literary materials much like what traditional marketers were doing. With enough net marketing skills and the ability to judge good written work, it’s possible to build a publishing empire with practically no monetary investment. 




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