Top 5 Trading News for 2020

There is a saying that goes with detective stories and other sorts of fiction that runs, “Follow the money.” 

Even when money is not the motivation for the crime, money trails tell interesting stories. Trading news has even more important information for the beginning of a new decade. 

Here are just a few tidbits of trading news spring boarding from headlines.


  • Blockchain Event in North Korea


Scheduled to be held February 22nd to 29th, 2020, this is a supposedly “secret” event. Articles were also featured in Reuters and CoinTelegraph. 

Some secret, eh? The United Nations issued warnings to member nations against allowing citizens to attend the conference. Last year, Virgil Griffith, an Ethereum researcher was arrested and sentenced for attending a blockchain conference in North Korea. 

Attending these conferences violates the 2006 sanctions against North Korea. Apparently, someone got the picture, because the North Korean event website went down on the morning of 1/19/2020.


  • Singapore Investment Success 2019


Singapore enjoyed a 39% increase in investment commitments during 2019. This is consistent with their policy of maintaining their status as an economic growth hub for Asia. 

As investment opportunities slowed in China and India, Singapore encouraged companies from other areas to take part in their economy. The result has been an increase in jobs to support the local economy. 

In addition, they have seen an increase in areas such as energy and chemicals, in addition to their usual focus on manufacturing and digital items. 


  • Morgan Stanley vs. Goldman Sachs


Morgan Stanley stocks are up as of 1/19/2020. They enjoyed a good showing at the closure of the 4th quarter of 2019, and continue to hold strong. 

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Goldman Sachs also enjoyed a strong 4th quarter, but had unfortunate expenses regarding litigation over investments in Malaysia. Goldman Sachs plans a reorganization of their reporting sectors as part of their ongoing efforts to be more client-centric.


  • Cryptocurrency in 2020


As might be expected, Bitcoin is still hogging the limelight on the Crypto Currency stage. It began the year at $7,000 per coin, reached $9,000, then slid back to $8,000. That is still a respectable investment. Ethereum (Eth) is also holding strong, at $164.00 per Eth. 

That is actually down 6% in the twenty-four hours preceding 1/19/2020. Ripple is still hanging in there, and it looks as if it might make it up to $1.00 per coin this year. 


  • Apple Stocks in the News


Apple stocks have gone up 103% in the last year. You can bet that people who bought while they were lower are happy today. 

As of 1/19/2020, NASDAQ rated Apple shares as being worth $318.73. For a little company that started in a garage, Apple has sure come a long way!


If you enjoyed these news summaries, keep an eye on this spot to learn more about the ups and downs of financial news around the world. 

As the old detective stories say, if you want to know something, follow the money because it always has an interesting story to tell. 



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