Top ten press fabrications in the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy craze related to @WikiLeaks

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Here’s the list:

  1. An intentional front page fabrication in the Guardian falsely asserted Manafort secretly met with Assange — in 2013, 2015 & 2016 with ‘Russians’. Being sued:
  2. Tipple leak from CNN, NBC, CBS falsely asserted that Trump Jr received info from @WikiLeaks prior to publication. But the email itself shows that it was not from WikiLeaks and that it was AFTER publication. Retracted.
  3. Shortly after the @WikiLeaks publication of DNC emails, New York Times falsely asserted that WikiLeaks published millions of Turkish women’s voting records, seemingly to discredit WikiLeak’ DNC publication by proxy with feminists. WikiLeaks was not the publisher.
  4. Newsweek falsely asserted during the US election that @WikiLeaks published emails had been modified. Academic paper showed this was the #1 fake news story during the election. Newsweek was sued. Article deleted and settlement paid.
  5. Spain’s “New York Times” El Pais falsely claimed Assange & Russia was behind Catalonia’s referendum. WikiLeaks called for its Managing Editor to be fired. Editor fired.
  6. Guardian falsely claimed of relationship between Assange and Russia. Retracted.
  7. Guardian falsely claimed a “Russian plot” to “smuggle” Julian Assange out of embassy. Same ‘journalists’ as those behind the fake Manafort “secret meetings” story. In press complaints process.
  8. A great many fake stories relied on WikiLeaks attacking Roger J Stone for falsely claiming to have communicated with WikiLeaks — as proof of ‘communicating’ (i.e colluding) with WikiLeaks (!)
  9. NPR falsely claimed that WikiLeaks published inauthentic #Macronleaks during the French election when WikiLeaks published authentic leaks after the election. Other media falsely claimed the French government attributed the leaks to Russia. Retracted.
  10. Many media ‘Russgators’ tried to spin the US government charges against Assange for exposing US war crimes and the jailing of Chelsea Manning two weeks ago (to coerce her to testify in secret against WikiLeaks) as somehow related to ‘Russiagate’


The U.S. has been battling Wikileaks for over a decade. What is truly behind this battle?


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