Toronto turning into a shit hole city….

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Crime is already rampant.

On Easter weekend in Toronto, a woman was pushed onto the Bloor-Yonge subway tracks by another female (since arrested) and a teen forced out of her car at gunpoint in what has traditionally been a quiet north Toronto neighbourhood.

There was also a $28.5-million bust of crystal meth and coke in a condo directly beside the Novotel hotel, where more than 220 homeless men and women, many with drug addictions, are being housed.

Toronto police touted it as the largest single-day drug bust in their history.

The drug stash and the dealer arrested had no doubt used the Novotel – where residents can take their illegal drugs with impunity– as a cash cow.

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Never mind the other homeless hotels in downtown Toronto where illegal drugs are not only permitted but encouraged – or the plethora of safe injection sites around downtown where addicts are given clean needles to take their drugs, but “safely.”


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