Total debt owed in the US (sovereign, private, pensions, Medicare, social security etc) > 1,100% of the country’s GDP

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Health Care Costs for Typical American Family Hit Record High

The Fiscal Times17 hours ago
The annual cost of health care for a typical American family – two parents and two children covered by an employer-sponsored preferred provider organization …

How BOJ Crushed Trading in Japan’s $10 Trillion Bond Market

Bloomberg17 hours ago
Ten-year bond number 350 was born on March 1, created to refinance a small sliver of the 1.1 quadrillion odd yen ($10 trillion) worth of Japanese public debt.

Getting Rich on Government-Backed Mortgages

Bloomberg5 hours ago
Monthly debt payments now eat up half his take-home pay. … players today than during the last mortgage bubble, according to a Brookings Institution report.

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