Total debt owed in the US (sovereign, private, pensions, Medicare, social security etc) > 1,100% of the country’s GDP

Health Care Costs for Typical American Family Hit Record High

The Fiscal Times17 hours ago
The annual cost of health care for a typical American family – two parents and two children covered by an employer-sponsored preferred provider organization …

How BOJ Crushed Trading in Japan’s $10 Trillion Bond Market

Bloomberg17 hours ago
Ten-year bond number 350 was born on March 1, created to refinance a small sliver of the 1.1 quadrillion odd yen ($10 trillion) worth of Japanese public debt.

Getting Rich on Government-Backed Mortgages

Bloomberg5 hours ago
Monthly debt payments now eat up half his take-home pay. … players today than during the last mortgage bubble, according to a Brookings Institution report.

South Korea Household Debt Reaches $1.36 Trillion

Financial Tribune19 hours ago

The first quarter figure marks the largest since the central bank began compiling related data in the fourth quarter in 2002. The increase rate of household credit ..

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