Total stablecoin circulating supply just surpassed 150B

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by Ordinary_investor

I thought it was somewhat of a milestone to share it with this community.

Never thought it would balloon to these levels and still continue without collapsing on itself nor authorities intervention, but in hindsight back into the years that have passed, i suppose it does make somewhat more sense.

When Bitfinex’ed started covering/calling out Tether, i think tether circulating supply back then was ~100M, perhaps even less and it was the biggest player in town by far…

During the peak 2017 mania, when tether went “parabolic” with their scam, total circulating supply was ~1.2B, and again biggest player in town by far back then.

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It will be very interesting to read up after this thing has taken apart, of how much of this 150B was actually legit and how much was just blatant scam.

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