“…Tough Luck. Don’t Be a F*cking Trump Supporter in Portland!!!”…..A Woman Says In Response to Murdered Trump Supporter

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This isn’t a display of partisan resentment or a vastly different ideology. This is full on evil, front and center. Arguably the most terrifying aspect of this soulless display, is that this Nordstrom bag carrying demon likely only exposes the surface of the deep seeded psychopathy that’s lurking within our society. And yet somehow, regardless of who wins the election, everyone is supposed to just magically forget that countless people actually share this woman’s sentiments? We’re supposed to just be “ok” lining up at the grocery checkout line, masks and all, and be content with standing next to people who have no problem expressing that they would prefer half the people in this country dead? I’m betting that it doesn’t take seven degrees of separation for you to personally locate someone like this. None of this is going to end well. We’re too far gone as a society to simply slap a band-aid on this country and hope that the wound heals. These are the warning signs of a civilization that is in a free-fall. We should probably be taking notice and counting how much meat we have in our freezers.




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