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Since 2011, the angelic looking congressman from South Carolina Trey Gowdy has relentless worked to expose corruption at many levels of government, only to see his hard efforts to stop before the steps Department of Justice failing to prosecute the guilty. Documents that the American people are slowing seeing are exposing the “TRUTH” and those in…mainstream media, Hollywood, and in government who oppose and call for the impeachment and removal of the 45th president Donald Trump, know it!!! They know what they’ve done and so does the POTUS, who has been going to do his own investigations into the latest mass shootings and fires. He went to Pittsburgh and failed to see the blood that wasn’t on the floors, or the bullets remnants in the walls and the wood. What happened to the photos of the damage to the Pittsburgh Temple??? What happened to the photos of the four injured police officers??? What happened to the photos of the The failure of those around him has Donald Trump’s list of the your fired or resign group growing every day.

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The changing of the knights from the dark to the light has begun with POTUS & “Q” joining the world as one. Honor and pride are bursting inside making even the short feel brave and tall, as one by one the number grows in the movement of…Where We Go One…We Go ALL!!!

Trey Gowdy is an American hero who has a history of standing for justice, rights, and “TRUTH.” Hope POTUS keeps one of the best of the best…

DEM. METHODIST BISHOP INSULTS TREY GOWDY, GETS DESTROYED INSTANTLY…What “God” is she serving. Why didn’t the Bishop start a church in the native countries and support the people in their own countries??? How many churches have been getting government checks for illegal immigrants??? Money not “GOD” the driving factor behind support for immigrants???

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Who profits??? Do your own research on the past government administrations and see how much and how well immigrants are treated by American churches, over their own homeless citizens. Obama/Clinton administration was giving out checks to supporters of illegals in the sanctuary cities. Americans out and illegals in for the destruction of a nation and the legal way to enter. Trump has closed the borders, and the stopped the easy access of guns, drugs, and children can’t come and go like they were under past administrations.

Who is fighting to open the borders???


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