Trey Gowdy OWNS Clueless DHS Expert On Firearms And Constitutional Rights

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by Thinker

What were the Obama/Clinton administration doing for Americans? Congressman Trey Gowdy has been exposing corruption since 2011, from many organizations in Washington D.C. but everyone now knows why no one was punished. NSA, CIA, FBI bias? The most corrupt politicians are calling for guns to be confiscated, because they are the ones with the greatest fear. Those who have robbed the people blind while in positions of power and trust want guns out of the hands of the people. Those who have transported, sold, raped, and murdered children for a global business want guns out of the citizens hands. How far has the deep state gone to get them? Wanting to use the no-fly-list as a weapon against gun owners? Watch as Trey Gowdy OWNS Clueless DHS Expert on why the No Fly List is not only a bad idea for gun control but how UNCONSTITUTIONAL it is against the American people!!

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Corruption was going to continue under Hillary Clinton and investigations were shut down. Well, we have a Trump in the House and things have changed. Immigration and guns have been a problem for a long time and American citizens continue to get put behind Obama/Clinton immigrant programs. More money going to immigrants under past presidents, than the homeless of America. Anything wrong with that picture. Why is the deep state complaining and compassion for immigrants…money, money, money! Homeless Americans don’t generate a cash flow! That was the Bush/Clinton/Obama create a war and the refugees will be on the way.

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Trey Gowdy Gets ATF Special Agent To Admit “Fast & Furious” Obama Administration Scandal!
Obama meaning of transparency really meant secrecy and Trey Gowdy turned that around. A congressman who has fought tooth and nail for justice for the American people. How much do you really know about him? Let him know hes doing a good job. After the Eric Holder didn’t go to jail, Gowdy saw what kind of government agencies were really running Washington D.C. Integrity and honor had left town, but now hope in the form of a TRUMP card is turning things around.


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