Trey Gowdy: The FBI DISAPPOINTED all Americans… Rep. Francis Rooney: 'Purge' FBI and DOJ

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“The FBI DISAPPOINTED all Americans” Trey Gowdy THRASHES FBI with Jason Chaffetz Over BIAS

This is common sense. Most congressmen are too afraid of deep state retaliation to say it.


Republican lawmaker Francis Rooney of Florida called for a “purge” of “deep state” operatives from the FBI and Department of Justice on MSNBC Tuesday.
“I’m very concerned that the DOJ and the FBI, whether you want to call it ‘deep state’ or what, are kind of off the rails,” Rooney told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson. “Look at what that Strzok guy was texting. What that Ohr guy with the dossier Clinton oppo research people, and then this McCabe guy’s wife takes $600,000 from Clinton related sources while she’s running for state senator?”


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1 thought on “Trey Gowdy: The FBI DISAPPOINTED all Americans… Rep. Francis Rooney: 'Purge' FBI and DOJ

  1. One has to agree that the FBI and DoJ are off the rails and has been for some time. It seems there is two types of justice one for elite and one the ordinary citizen. Indeed the time has come to purge the system. If the citizen cannot trust the law makers and the laws you soon end up with anarchy.

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