Trey Gowdy throws final blow that will ruin Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch & James Comey!

by Thinker
Since 2011 and the Eric Holder “Fast & Furious”, 2013 IRS, 2014 DHS release of over 19,000 illegal convicted felons onto the streets of America, FBI Director and Military general who lied under oath.
How many times will Senator Trey Gowdy have to expose the truth and corruption, only to have those who commit the crimes getting rewards and no trials?
How many times will those who sit on the prosecuting committee continue to let those of the shadow government get away with more crimes than many of those that are already serving times for lessor offenses?
How many times will “Justice” for the “People” fail?
Will Trey Gowdy and his team of lawyers for the people get what they want…jail time for crooks?
Trey Gowdy Just Made A Brutal Move To Stop Obama’s Shadow Government

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