Trey Gowdy Unleashed Hell On The Deep State With This Jaw-Dropping Promise

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by Thinker

Who need Kevin Spacey’s “House of Cards” when you’ve got the US government live in action better than it ever could be written. It isn’t Hollywood, but way better! Watching who stands with honor and who is scrambling in shame in Washington D. C. is a bestseller. Finally the citizens of America are going to know who has stood behind them, and who sold their souls and sold them out for a piece of the missing trillions from past administrations. As Trump’s investigations continue, Americans are learning just how corrupt it has really been in the world of American politics.

The FBI and Department of Justice have finally met their match. Trey Gowdy is fed up with the Deep State stonewalling Congress getting to the bottom of the FBI’s massive Spygate scandal. And Gowdy just went on TV and promised to unleash hell with this jaw-dropping threat. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray are participating in a cover-up. They are refusing to turn over documents requested by Congress about the FBI using a spy to try and infiltrate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. and Rosenstein’s behavior is leading a Constitutional crisis whereby the DOJ and FBI are thwarting the lawful oversight authority of Congress.

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Gowdy appeared on Fox News Sunday and revealed that Republicans in Congress have exhausted their patience with these refusals to comply with document requests. And the South Carolina Congressman stated Congress was prepared to use every tool at their disposal if Wray and Rosenstein did not immediately turn over the documents. Gowdy stated, This is music to Trump supporters’ ears. The FBI spying on Trump’s campaign is one of the worst scandals in American history.

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