Trudeau liberals ban -ALL- semi-automatic rifles in Canada

In a sneaky move, the disgusting scum sucking vomit inducing liberal party introduced a “minor” change to the bill banning the ar-15 (and others) very shortly before the bill is to become law. The change adds All semi-automatic rifles to the list of banned firearms.

The disgusting scum sucking vomit inducing Liberals introduced the change at a point during the process where there can be no more parliamentary debate about the bill. They suck it in at the very end after promising earlier not to ban hunting rifles.

The liberals also removed the buy-back from the bill. So it looks like no one will be compensated for the firearm seizures that will happen.

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Semi-auto rifles were previously not required to be registered in Canada, so the gov doesn’t know how many are out there or where they are.

Ye Olde Remington 7400 – baned
SKS 7.62 – baned
Garand – baned
All shotguns with detachable magazine – baned
All 12 gauge shotguns with anything other than full choke – baned



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