Why Not Just Name Greenblatt and the ADL?

by Chris Black

Musk is still afraid, or at best warily cautious, of directly going to war with them.

It’s crazy to watch.  The whole world can see this dynamic play out.

So far what we’ve seen from Elon is mostly big talk and very little action.  It reminds me a lot of Trump during the early years of his presidency.

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I’m hopeful this could still result in cracks opening up in the censorship wall, but so far it’s Greenblatt who has taken the initiative and Musk has been reacting to him.

The ADL’s position has been firm and uncompromising, Musk keeps shifting his ground to try to work out a compromise.  He needs to slap down the ADL hard—best thing would be kicking them off Twitter—to show people who is in charge.

He needs to dramatically escalate and show they need him more than he needs them.  Otherwise this beta male approach of going back and forth is going to just keep hurting him.


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