Trudeau’s embarrassing 21 seconds of silence when asked about Trump’s response to riots highlights Canada’s hypocrisy

There are moments when an entire nation can feel a sense of collective awkwardness, if not embarrassment. That very thing happened in Canada and lasted for 21 excruciating seconds.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood stiff and stoic, struggling to answer a reporter’s question about Canada’s response to US President Donald Trump’s threats to send in the military to deal with the anti-police-brutality protests that have erupted all over America.

It was only a few painfully audible mouth clicks that let viewers know it was Trudeau who had frozen, and not their internet. The PM broke the pause by mouthing a few predictable platitudes about how Canadians were watching the chaos unfolding in the US “with horror”, but failed to condemn the brutal crackdown by the police or Trump’s calls to use the military against his own population.

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