Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere… Yet

by Daniel Carter

President Trump appears to have received the worst news of his presidency this week. Within a matter of moments apart, Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, was found guilty of tax fraud, while Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, plead guilty to campaign-finance violations. These penalties did not directly implicate Trump in any crimes. But of course, the ardent anti-Trump people took this news as further evidence of Trump’s corruption and criminality.

The so-called Resistance believes they have finally found the trail that will lead to Trump’s impeachment. They couldn’t get him with news of his infidelity, or his mean words, or his supposed treason with Russia. But this is it, right? The walls are finally closing in. Just look at how the bias Time Magazine has illustrated the sequence of events:

I have bad news for The Resistance, however. Trump is likely not going anywhere any time soon. But it has nothing to do with whether he is guilty of a crime. Hell, for all I know he has committed crimes. Many people in power have. However, I am confident he will remain in office for the foreseeable future because the Deep State (e.g. banks, Military Industrial Complex and other establishment people and organizations) wants him there.

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This is a theory that was first discussed by Brandon Smith of the Alt-Market blog. Smith predicted both Brexit and a Trump presidency because the Deep State needed outsiders to blame for their failed policies – specifically the Quantitative Easing policy that has created a massive financial bubble and the societal decay that has accumulated from the last economic collapse. This theory made more sense the more I thought about it. Last year, I even wrote about how Trump taking credit for the economy played right into the Deep State’s plan. His self-attachment to the economy will be his undoing.

So, Trump is not going anywhere if he is still useful to the elites. Just think about what they will be able to get away with if they can blame the US’s degradation on Trump. They will get away will reckless spending on endless wars, burying the country in debt, destroying the value of the dollar, choosing to save the banking system at the expense of the middle-class and many more heinous acts. Once the economy collapses, Trump will be the villain, and the thugs who caused the crisis in the first place will act as the savior.

The Resistance will probably have the last laugh and a “told you so” moment. But not because they are wise or virtuous, but because they are dupes. If you are a Trump supporter, you should brace for impact. If you are simply an interested observer, you should also brace for impact. The US political climate is going to become increasingly volatile.


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