Trump Just Overhauled 47 States In MAJOR Way – Keeping Word & Exposing True Content!

by Thinker

Flashback May 2018…Trump has done more than any president: Lou Dobbs. FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs says President Trump’s endless, boundless energy has propelled his presidency to accomplish more than any president has in modern history.


TODAY: It isn’t really a Democrat or Republican achievement, but a man who has taken an oath like those before him, but the only difference is, he’s keeping his word!!! What was unexpected by many politicians from both side who have sided with “deep state” is Donald Trumps ability to make the moves he is. What many don’t realize, is the game of chess is a lot like real life and which choices and moves you make…DO CHANGE THE GAME!!!

Every day as the POTUS fights the evil that fears the “TRUTH” the number of his armies grows around the world in love and support. Hard to believe for many who had all but lost hope, how light and a breath fresh air is descending down upon the planet. Mainstream media is bursting at the seams holding back all the “WONDERFUL” accomplishments for the people and the country Trump has already done in a rapidly approaching two years.