To say nothing is happening in Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation investigation is false. Documents from active court cases.

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Great review and analysis of available information compiled and reported in this video from Tracy Beanz. Info includes:

There is an active and ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation as well as their connections to Uranium One. This is probably why Huber didn’t testify. Huber was scheduled to testify and didn’t show because of Bush’s funeral and then the second date was not invited. Whistle blowers testified that multiple conversations with the Little Rock, AR FBI office confirmed their investigation.

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1.12.18 DOJ press release regarding indictment of a former president of a transportation company on 11 counts of foreign bribery, fraud and money laundering. This man allegedly paid bribes to Russian official in order to win transportation of highly sensitive nuclear fuel contract. This case is under seal but there are documents available to us that show it is current.

A current court transcript dated 11/23 shows defense replies stating that they are not able to search a massive DOE data base due to corrupt files and other issues. The companies involved are all part of the Uranium One scandal. This indicates that there is a Grand Jury investigation right now on Uranium One.

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Sorry, I am in a hurry to get to a family gathering, you will find the usual iffy grammatical issues. I wanted to share this video as it made me feel a little better about what is going on behind the scenes. God Bless everyone, Merry Christmas.


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