Trump Leaking Secrets is Nonsense – I Heard “The Secret” from CNN First

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by Mark Angelides

Once again, the media and political classes have seized onto a story that they claim could “Topple the Presidency”. Headlines declare that Donald Trump has effectively leaked secrets to the Russians, and that this is the biggest disaster of his short service. Calls for impeachment will not be long in coming. But the fact of the matter is that the secret President Trump apparently leaked to the Russians, we all read about weeks ago on CNN and the Guardian.
The issue revolves around President Trump having told the Russian Foreign Minister and the Ambassador that the US is looking to stop people carrying laptop computers on flights into America from Europe. It is an action based on security concerns that were all over the media weeks ago. So either the Russians never read international news, watch international news, and essentially keep their eyes glued to nothing but the Disney Channel, or, no information was “leaked”.
The Guardian is also claiming that President Trump broke the trust of an ally nation to give this information. And that the ally did not, perhaps, want the Russians knowing that a security threat existed. Well point 1: Unless they have blocked every Russian from passing through European airports, they already knew. And point 2: It’s all assumption; the Guardian even admits that Trump did not disclose who the ally was, so how does the Guardian know if they wanted news shared or not?
This is the most ridiculous and ill-conceived attempt to discredit and undermine Donald Trump that the media has yet tried. The hacks who write this clearly “Fake News” should be ashamed of themselves. And any politician who jumps on the bandwagon should step down immediately as they are clearly not capable of stringing together a sensible thought and are therefore a danger to the public interest and most likely themselves.
But let’s look at it from another point of view. Let’s say that the whole world didn’t know that laptops as carry-on luggage out of Europe are a security concern. And suppose that something happened on a flight out of (or into) Russia that could have been prevented by the sharing of information. What would be the result for US-Russian relations? The blood would have been on American hands.
If the media are so very concerned about the danger of leaks in the nation’s highest office, why are they not concerned about where this story about Donald Trump came from? We can make a reasonable guess that neither Trump nor the Russian delegation decided to tell the newspapers that one of them has been spilling secrets, so it must have come from someone else. If they really cared about security, they should tell us who gave them the information in the first place.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Leaking Secrets is Nonsense – I Heard “The Secret” from CNN First

  1. In other news, Trump farted during his meeting with Lavrov. The Clinton News Network (CNN) reports Trump must be impeached because he shared the biggest secret of American perfume companies – the smell of the year – with the enemy.

  2. This may be true, but FOX News does not air on Russian stations. FOX News is very careful not to report their news to Russians. In fact I think it’s illegal for Russians to watch FOX News, so I doubt any Russians learned any of these secrets from FOX.

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