Trump lifts all sanctions against Turkey

During his address about Syria from the White House moments ago, President Trump repeated some of the false claims he has made before about Syria and Turkey.

Trump said the US military deployment to Syria was supposed to last a mere “30 days.” There was never a specific timetable attached.

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He also said the deployment happened “almost 10 years ago.” The US began airstrikes in 2014 and deployed ground troops in late 2015. (At least a small number of intelligence officers were on the ground in 2012, but “almost 10 years” is a stretch even if he was referring to these Americans.)

Trump said others had tried to make a deal like his for “many, many decades.” This is nonsensical, as we explained here. Trump made a narrow deal to stop the Turkish offensive that followed his own decision to withdraw US troops. It is not some sort of broad accord that resolves longstanding regional issues.

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