Trump Refuses to Back Down on Mexico Paying for Wall, Mexican President’s Trip to White House Called

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5 thoughts on “Trump Refuses to Back Down on Mexico Paying for Wall, Mexican President’s Trip to White House Called

  1. Put a heavy tax on every moneygram dollar that goes to Mexico. Every financial transaction if necessary. That would pay for the wall plus some.

  2. Oh, building the wall is easy peasy! All’s we have to do is punch alt send to tax every bit of remittances sent out of the US! To make it fun, let’s base the % of illegal aliens in the country! After all, we’re left holding the bill for educating and feeding. If the percentage goes down NOTICEABLY then the tax will as well!
    We really have Mexico by cajones! Remittances constitutes #2 GNP Import in Mexico! End of Story! I’ll will be gorgeous, wonderful…BETTER THAN THE ONE THAT MEXICO HAS ALREADY BUILT ON ITS SOUTHERN BORDER THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT!!! OH YEAH~

  3. People do not risk life and limb crossing into the US illegally because they “yearn to be free”, but because they get free food, housing, schooling, and medical care regardless of immigration status. Cancel such services for those without legal residency, and this problem will largely resolve itself as millions will voluntarily self-deport. If not, it will continue to grow worse, no matter what sort of wall Trump builds.

  4. what is wrong with youtube captions? you can barely see them??? as for the stupid wall,save money send frump,pence ans all congress and senate to ge to work digging ,cementing etc. they can build it with their own hands,its the most work they will ever do.

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