Trump Scores Yuuge Geopolitical Victory in Singapore

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by Chris Black

Despite of what the left tells its minions, President Trump’s summit in Singapore with little rocket man represented a huge geopolitical success for both the United States and the world as a whole. Let me explain. The Donald is on a roll. His latest “trick” in Singapore proved once again that he’s the master of his domain, and I am talking about the art of the deal. The POTUS was in complete control during every phase of the meeting with North Korea’s man-child dictator. Kim looked like a peasant visiting his sophisticated “relatives” in the Big City, as he was repeatedly outclassed and outmaneuvered by President Trump at every step, right until the now-historic handshake that marked the final agreement. History was made in every sense then and there.

Why is this a huge geopolitical victory? Well, if you come to think about it, Trump gave absolutely nothing, while Kim gave up the house. Of course,  there’s always the caveat about “buyer beware”, since North Korea is not a reliable “regime” nor a trustworthy partner, as in you can’ really trust them, but Kim agreed and signed a paper which reads that his regime would get rid of its nuclear weapons arsenal and nuclear program alike, completely and irreversibly. Who’ve ever done that? I mean, bringing the North Korean dictator to the table of negotiations in front of the whole world to see, and make him sign a paper committing his regime to dismantle its nuclear paraphernalia?  There’s a lot of work to be done in the near future, as a timeline and a schedule for eliminating Pyongyang’s nuclear program must be put together by Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Secretary of State. This may take years, obviously, and more high-profile tete-a-tete meetings, but the POTUS managed to take the first and hardest step and boxed Kim Jong-un in into a diplomatic process, where Pyongyang has virtually zero leverage, as he already agreed to get rid of his nuclear weapons. If Kim back paddles on the deal, he will have to bear the full responsibility for eventual (military/economic) consequences. What did Kim got from Trump? Well, the US suspended the joint military exercises with South Korea, which by the way cost us a lot of money. Other than that, everything remains the same: the US will not remove our military bases nor our troops from South Korea, and the nuclear umbrella protecting Seoul and Tokyo remains intact.

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Kim was lured like a child, and promised McDonalds franchises in Pyongyang, together with economic modernization of his country and real-estate projects for North Korea’s beautiful beaches, foreign investment, increased trade and so forth and so on. Basically, Trump sold Kim a dream of prosperity that would follow North Korea’s normalization of diplomatic relations with the US (and the world),provided Pyongyang ditches its nuclear program. This is awesome salesmanship  by any metrics. However, the mentally ill left-wing media barks at the moon, claiming that Trump did not get enough, whatever that means. They criticize Trump for failing to discuss North Korea horrific human rights issues (slave labor camps, tyranny, lack of freedom etc.), but we know that they’re nothing more than dumb hypocrites. This is not how you deal with a dictator, and let’s not forget how the left never criticized dear leader Obama regarding his nuclear so-called deal with Iran, which also failed to address Iran’s repressive regime, and its support for international Islamic terrorism. There’s also a big difference between Obama’s failed deal with Iran and Trump’s deal with Kim: the Donald did not use secretive side-agreements nor bribes to get Kim Jong-un’s consent. There were no hundreds of billions in frozen assets released to North Korea, nor billions in cash delivered to the rogue regime in Pyongyang, like Obama did with Iran. The left has absolutely no right to criticize Trump’s incipient and historic deal with Pyongyang. If Obama would have done it, they would’ve asked for a second Nobel Prize for dear leader. If you want to see the left’s mentality and arguments about Trump’s presidency, look no further than Robert de Niro’s opening comments at the Tony Awards.

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