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UNDER LORI LIGHTFOOT’S PERMISSIVE APPROACH TO CRIME, even the “safe” areas aren’t safe anymore.

Chicago is truly a tale of two cities, especially regarding public safety. For those living in the city’s elite downtown and North Side neighborhoods, the carnage plaguing the South and West Sides has, for decades, seemed a world away—something they’d read about in the Chicago Tribune, but rarely, if ever, experience. Recent events have shattered those expectations, awakening many to the reality that, even along the Magnificent Mile, the line between peace and chaos is paper-thin.

Early Monday morning, caravans of mostly black Chicagoans from around the city descended on its famed shopping district, ransacking and looting luxury retailers like Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. Police responded, making more than 100 arrests, but the damage was done—and not just the brazen thefts. Two people were shot, and not by police.

The episode was apparently sparked by misinformation regarding a police shooting on the South Side on Sunday.

Misinformation? More like disinformation.


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