Trump: “We Don’t Want To Pick Winners And Losers”, But “I Do” Support The Government Buying Stocks Of Individual Companies

(Silver Doctors Editors) Today’s Coronavirus Task Force was an interesting one.

The briefing started off with President Trump announcing his efforts on getting Americans home who are held as prisoners in foreign lands.

Much of the briefing then focused on the progress that’s being made at the FDA, which includes things they’re doing with regards to fast-tracking treatments for Covid-19.

During the Q&A, however, is where things get interesting.

President Trump and Mike Pence were avoiding reporters questions even more so than normal today, side-stepping questions, refusing to answer questions, or simply changing the topic altogether.

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A few bombshells came out, however, as far as things the President feels are appropriate during this crisis.

For example, President Trump was asked if there should be conditions placed on companies that they can’t engage in share buybacks if they get bailed-out, to which Trump said he supports that.

Additionally, President Trump was asked if he would support the US Federal Government buying shares of individual companies, and President Trump said he would support that.


Paradoxically, the President also said he does not believe in picking winners and losers.

If you have not seen today’s press briefing in its entirety, it’s embedded below (starting at the time-stamp where Trump says “we don’t want to pick winners & losers”:

Moving forward, it appears that Keeping America Great means keeping America crony-fascist.



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