Trump won 2662 counties. Hillary only won 487. The importance of the electoral college…

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Trump won 2662 counties.
Hillary won 487.

That is truly incredible.

These democrats want to destroy rural America. Mind you, rural America is where a vast majority of gun owners reside. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. An election based on the popular vote would give all the nations voting power to the condensed cities and urban areas. Thank goodness for the electoral college. It frightens me to see these people running for president, vowing to ban our voting process which is an absolute necessity for a constitutional republic ( yeah, i know – we’ve long lost our foundation…). But if they take away electoral college, it’s another YUGE step towards a tyrannical government.

This guy explains it brilliantly.

This is a real constitutional crisis:

Nevada could become 15th state to ditch Electoral College in favor of popular vote



h/t Master of Nothing


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