Trump's support will be decimated unless he stops now! Ann Coulter: "Meddling in the Middle East has destroyed every president who’s ever tried it."

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many of trumps’ supporters are criticizing this attack
many of his detractors are applauding the attack
his detractors will ditch/destroy him, or make him their puppet
and there won’t be anyone left to support him
he’s playing with fire here, in more than one way

Damn I miss Ron Paul, he is so right on Syria.

Ron Paul: Chemical Attack in Syria May Have Been False Flag by Deep State to Undermine Peace
The former Texas congressman explained that the timing of the incident was strange, as things were going reasonably well in Syria given the conditions. He noted that Trump had allowed the Syrians to decide who should be running their country, and that peace talks were in the works and terror groups were “on the run.”

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Incredible – Trump’s decision to bomb Syria instantly alienated his grass roots supporters but now the MSM and “Never Trumpers” are beginning to praise his “heroic actions”. The working-class of America just got stabbed in the back.
NYT and CNN now praising Trump

“Mr. Trump may not want to be “president of the world” but when a tyrant blatantly violates a basic norm of international conduct — in this case, the ban on using chemical or biological weapons in armed conflict, put in place after World War I — the world looks to America to act. Mr. Trump did, and for that he should be commended.”

NeoCon/Israeli-Firster & Never Trumper – Bill Kristol:
“If Pres. Trump takes appropriate action against Assad this #NeverTrumper will of course support him. He’s the president, not merely “Trump.”
Scott Adams (Dilbert): “I’m going to call bullshit on the gas attack.”

81 thoughts on “Trump's support will be decimated unless he stops now! Ann Coulter: "Meddling in the Middle East has destroyed every president who’s ever tried it."

      • If by “for the last time” you mean you’ll never again see the inside of a voting booth then yes you are spot on.
        If you mean Americans are finally going to stand up to their masters and take their country back… I am not going to hold my breath. The distractions and conflicts are going to go into overdrive to the point no one will know which way up is. I am not saying this to be a d1ck just being realistic as there are not enough people willing to do anything about this to make a difference. The start would be millions marching in the streets and I don’t see anything substantial being organized just the usual comments on social media telling people to phone their senator/congressman as if that’s going to amount to them all of a sudden giving a crap.
        Don’t get me wrong as I do hope it happens and you guys get your damn country under control again but I just don’t see anything getting big enough fast enough before your police state brushes it aside.

    • Gee wiz Trump won the election but it sure looks like Hillary and the warmongers won it now! Those missiles weren’t only making some craters on the airfield in Syria, they were striking at the heart of the people who placed their trust in Trump! He has betrayed his supporters, even though I’m sure he was under tremendous pressure from the war hawks. So Trump is now in the already big class of American President war criminals. Are you happy to be a murderer President trump. You killed those people in Syria just like Obama and Clinton did for so long. That’s right- you’re OPPONENTS in the election and post-election must be smiling now that you’ve joined the war hawks. And as far as your “fake news” crusade goes, you just murdered those people and threatened world peace, all based on FAKE NEWS! I’m not President, not even close, but it is CLEAR to me that Assad was NOT responsible for this act. He has resisted the attempt to overthrow his regime for FIVE YEARS and I know for sure he wouldn’t throw all that away with an action that promises no gains and everything to lose!

  1. I used to hate Ann Coulter for being a NEO-Con with every fiber of my being, but it is UNDENIABLE that she has been right on nearly 99% of her comments and observations.
    Common sense (no matter the source) is ignored by people with an ideological agenda to follow..Just ask Hillary, she ignored it too….

    • I still dislike her for being a Neocon who likes warmongers Bush and Cheney, but she’s most definitely right about this one.
      Note, however, how she seems to oppose the war only because we’re going to lose and not because of the lots of people it will kill on both sides.
      But I do prefer her over the likes of Cheney or Hitlery now.

      • The only warmonger is that nasty Mcain and his two other stooges Brennan and of course i.cannot leave lyndsey gal pal out. Just the thoughts of those three makes me want to trow up all over there disgusting faces

    • I know what you mean. It seemed like I had entered the “Twilight Zone” when I found my self agreeing with Coulter and Hannity.

      • Well he has serious personality flaws. I think he got a good CIA mind f**king. Now he recites their propaganda like its his own and his adoring fans (former fake media) just glow over him joining the borg.

    • Coulter is and always will be a scumbag. She whole heartedly supported war in the ME and nation building. She is complicit in the slaughter of innocent civilians.

  2. Calling him the Trumpster is to good for him. E Wily Coyote is much better– the trickster. Lets see him Trickster his ass right on out of this! If I had wanted to see this kind of action from the U.S., I would have voted for the Witch–HRC1.

  3. Why the sudden 180 deg. turnaround by Trump? Was he stringing us along the whole time or did someone make him an offer he couldn’t refuse?

    • There’s rumors (but they’re just that, rumors, for now) going on that some Congressional leaders told Trump he’d either go along with their war agenda, or they’d impeach him and go along with their war agenda with someone else as their puppet.
      This may or may not be true – but it does sound like something the likes of John McHitler or Adolf Graham would do.

      • How did you know those are the very names that popped into my mind. He should have said i will take it to the American people and tell them you threatened a sitting President. I am pretty sure that is against the law. But i think the real culprit is Kushner. He has got. Bannon and Kellyanne out and now he is working to get Preibus out. And the weasel was caught ommitting imformation from his National Security app

        • True. That name certainly crossed my mind as well. I think Kushner is at the root of just about every evil committed by Trump himself (as opposed to crimes committed by swamp monsters he added to his administration who are acting on their own).
          Sadly Kushner seems to (still) be on Trump’s “trust 100%” list, so much so that he’s kicking everyone else to give Kushner more power.
          I don’t trust Priebus any farther than I can throw him (and I’m not an olympic level sportsman, so I can’t throw him very far), so I’m ok with kicking him out – but certainly not if it’s in favor of Kushner or one of his cronies.
          Kushner should face trial for war crimes and treason and be locked into one cell with Hitlery, McCain, Graham and Cheney.
          But McCain probably gets to take most of the blame for this particular incident. He just returned from a trip to Syria, where he very likely visited his ISIS buddies and gave them the Sarin gas to frame Assad with.

        • Kushner has a $250 million loan from Soros. Trump got a $160 million loan from Soros in 2005 which George forgave.

      • I know if someone threatened me with impeachment for doing right by my constituents – I’d choose to become a mass murdering war criminal and risk starting a nuclear WW3 instead of being impeached…NOT.

        • True, but I can see why someone would choose to do exactly that if it’s framed correctly.
          If he’s presented with just 2 options:
          1. You go to war for us, and we’ll let you do some of the other things you’re planning to make your country great again. Once we’ve ousted Assad and we have a rabid Russophobe who loves Israel in his place, you get to end the war and declare victory.
          2. You fail to go to war for us, and we’ll impeach you and replace you with someone who WILL start that war for us AND who will mess up everything else. The war is going to happen regardless of your choice. There’s no way around it. And you won’t get to end it as soon as Assad is removed, so we’ll drag it on and on and on, and get to kill MORE people. Remember how bloodthirsty Hitlery is? The one who made the decision to bomb Libya’s civilian water supply? That’s who we’ll put in charge. The extra victims’ blood will be on your hands.
          I could see why someone half-decent people would choose 2 (assuming they’re not enough out-of-the-box thinkers to see option “3: I’ll pretend to go along with you, and in my speech about launching the war that is broadcast live to the entire country, I’ll expose you and call for your arrest instead of announcing I’ve ordered that war” or so.
          But that said, I think it’s far more likely that the argument was more like “if you don’t start that war, Barron will have a tragic lethal accident in school”, or “remember JFK? What we did to him still works for you, and we already have the plans drawn up” — or that Trump was never more than the Republican version of “I promise Hope and Change and will deliver more of the same instead” in the first place.

        • Lock him up. In one cell with Hitlery Clinton. And let Trump join them there unless he has a REALLY good excuse for this.

      • Trump was bailed out by the Rothschild bank back in the early 90’s. He has been a POS since day one.He lied through his teeth.They don’t need to threaten him.He has always been a swamp critter!

    • he was stringing us a long the entire time but we didn’t want to see it. He surrounded himself with neo cons, globalists, bankers and pro war people. So when it came to what he should do they naturally told him what they wanted him to do.

    • Trump was never an America First guy. That was Steve Bannon –who actually saw military combat and is a self-made man. Trump would rather dance with Jared Kushner, a wealthy billionaire inheritor punk who doesn’t know a grenade from a papaya.

    • Trump was fed a wrong intelligence picture by the swamp which now includes Kushner the fifth columnist. The move by the globalist deep state is to destroy any cooperation of the U.S. Russia and China together around the “One Belt” and “New Silk Road” initiatives which are against the British Neo Liberal policy of perpetual war.

  4. He certainly crossed my red line.
    Impeach and arrest.
    Just need to make sure they don’t find a way to put Pence (who likely pulled the strings) or Hitlery (who would have done the exact same thing, possibly earlier) in his place.

  5. Trump trolled the world, and everyone fell for it. First, how many missiles were launched? Trick question.
    Second, what did they hit? Important detail.
    Third, Why was Putin notified? Remember: Trump said all through the
    campaign that obama was incompetent because he let the enemy know when
    they were going to hit. Why telegraph now, especially to “evil Russia.”
    Forth: the Russian hack narrative has officially been debunked by DT’s
    actions. “No puppet of Putin would commit such an action!” will have to
    be admitted by the MSM and political establishment.
    Fifth: RINOs, leftists and the MSM are all praising him. DT outed them
    as the warmongers for all to see.
    Sixth: Trump will now play “diplomacy with Russia”, forcing the MSM to
    demand that he do so.
    As for assad he is expendable, even to Putin. All Putin cares about is
    the naval base.
    Trump gave the Deep State what they wanted, and by doing so gained
    wiggle room while turning the tables. The guy is a genius. I doubt
    nothing more will come from this. The whole Russian hack narrative seems to have evaporated on the news cycle.


    • I hope you’re right, but I doubt it. The explanation that Trump gave in to the Nazi scum (who may have threatened, bribed or tricked (e.g. by making him actually believe Assad did it even though everyone else sees through it) him) is sufficient and simpler (Occam’s razor — not always right, but frequently a good indicator), and unlike your explanation, is completely consistent with his appointments of swamp monsters like Kushner to most important jobs.
      The Russian hack narrative has evaporated, but will be back the second Trump diverges from the warmongers’ plan again. At that time, they’ll probably claim Trump started that war only to distract from his eeeevil ties to eeeevil Russia (so much for “Fourth”). And of course “Third” just proves that he was working for and not against his alleged Kremlin handlers in the MSM narrative.
      “Fifth” is true, but they were there in plain sight before. Anyone who didn’t notice over the last year or so must have been totally blind. The MSM, RINOs and DINOs (not so much all leftists – didn’t see any warmongering from McKinney, Kucinich, Sanders or Gabbard. There’s a couple of good people on both sides.) have consistently pushed the war agenda. Now is just one more time.
      Also, by reacting this way, Trump essentially confirmed the MSM narrative that Assad gassed his own people (even though it’s pretty clear he didn’t do it — smells like McCain’s ISIS buddies did it, timing is perfect just after McCain left and had a chance to deliver the gas he wanted to see deployed). If he was after the MSM and the warmongers, he could just have exposed their dirty little trick there. He chose to do no such thing.
      I still think Hitlery would have been at the very least equally bad (probably worse), but unless he does something to confirm your version of what may have happened, Trump has lost all trust I had left in him.

    • Trump is not a genius, he had no depth of character or else he would know what was going on He is playing mr. president like it is a game show. this is his new toy. he will start wars and will have America fight to the last drop of OUR blood.

  6. It’s pretty fucking clear: Trump works for Israel. We’re going to see the “Greater Israel” happen in our lifetimes.

    • I think there’s one level of indirection. Trump works for Kushner. Kushner works for Nuttyyahoo.
      Not that it changes much, chances of Trump getting rid of the Kushner swamp monster are less than 0.

      • George Soros gave Kushner a $250,000,000 million dollar line of credit to help start a new business in 2014.
        Almost everything you know is a lie and most of the people you know are liars.

          • You bet, check everything from every source. Generals lie, CEO’s lie, even your men will lie. knowing the lie will save you a lot of grief but allows you to make better decisions for the people around you. Sometimes the longer game is to go along with the lie, and wait never forgetting.

        • Which goes to prove one more time that “left” (Soros) vs. “right” (Kushner), “progressive” (Soros) vs. “conservative” (Kushner), “Democrat” (Soros) vs. “Republican” (Kushner) are entirely fake lines drawn to divide the people and distract us from the real issue, the 99.99% vs. the 0.001%
          It’s time to completely ignore the fake categories. Time to stop screaming if someone wants a little more or a little less welfare than we do.
          Good people on all sides of the fake divisions need to get together and oust the criminal warmongering Wall Street mafia.
          We can fight over the less important issues later.
          Paul/Kucinich 2020.

        • You are absolutely correct. I discovered these facts as well. Trump also took loans from Soros. and the Kushner brothers have had investments made by Soros . And Jared Kushner’s brother has a company that is connected to a company in Ukraine. Trump is in debt to Israeli bankers to the tune of $ billions. Now we are seeing the real picture.

  7. Sure didn’t take him long to forget how he got there. Little George Swartz and Nuttyyahoo rule the roost. We need to send all these guys to the Knesset.

  8. Syria is just latest in a long line of Middle East countries to be target practice for the powerful militaries of the world. Perhaps there is an overarching theme of control of oil or the eventual eradication of the Muslim faith or perhaps both.


      • Quite possibly the plan is to run Kushner against Hitlery 2020. That way they don’t even need to rig the election. Regardless of who wins that, the people lose and the warmongers win.
        Lock all of them up.

  10. “Trump had allowed the Syrians to decide who should be running their
    country, and that peace talks were in the works and terror groups were
    “on the run.”
    This is exactly why our War Mongers had to kill some kids in a very open manner.
    Remember when Israel and Palestine were getting close to an understanding.
    Come on folks we are not kids anymore. It is very clear what has happened here.

  11. President Trump’s actions in Syria are very disappointing.
    Just who benefits from this?
    Just who benefits from this?

  12. Wake up people, Trump sold us out! He sold himself out to the Israeli bankers, the wealthy elite and the powerful. And he sold out his family as well, including his sons and daughters who are married to them. Now the circle is complete and he has preceded to sell us out and start wars for profit. This will not end well.

  13. If it were Hillary, we would have already been in WWIII and defenseless, so what choice do we have?
    Like I have always said- ALL are corrupt!

  14. In the one area I very much hoped for some advance and change -America’s unprecedented new aggressiveness in the world – Trump has proved himself a waste of space.
    He has set a world land-speed record for buckling to the demands of America’s unelected inner-government and doing virtually the opposite of anything we had reason to hope for.
    In effect, in foreign affairs, we might just as well have mass-killer Obama still signing the orders.
    Obama is responsible for the deaths of at least half a million in his term during the Neocon Wars and the phony CIA-induced Arab Spring plus incalculable damage in the creation of refugees and destruction.
    Or we might just as well have psychopath Hillary Clinton, a woman who has a record of damage and hatreds beyond telling. Her role, just at the Benghazi fiasco, has never been discussed, but thoughtful people can piece it together from scraps.
    She, with her dead ambassador, was running a dark operation to collect weapons from the murdered Gadaffi’s Libya, where they were spread all over the place in large part owing to the US having dumped carloads of them for the same kind of rag-tag mercenaries they run in Syria today.
    That rag-tag bunch’s job in Libya was getting rid of a decent third-world leader the US and Israel hated, a man who gave Libyans everything from free education to good water supplies.
    She was also collecting some of the murderous mercenaries. Both these things – weapons and mercenaries – were being transhipped around the Mediterranean to create the horrors we see in Syria. In the process, her ambassador was killed by some of them, who simply saw him as a more accessible and attractive target than Assad. Or perhaps they were angered by some of his demands.
    Those weapons transfer virtually certainly included amounts of Sarin gas from the dead Gaddafi’s stockpiles, and I think we all know what happened with those. In Libya, Syria, and others places dear “Women’s candidate,” Hillary, killed thousands of women and their children without the blink of an eye or the shedding of a tear.
    The records of those two horrors plus the previous monkey-murderer Bush before made a fair number of us hope for change. Trump here and there gave important clues – not formal campaign promises but revealing personal reflections – that told many we could see some change.
    But that has all disappeared, its last outburst being the administration statements about Assad’s future and Syria just shortly before this insane attack and the insane claims of Nikki Haley at the UN.
    Russian press today says the United States is the most unpredictable nation in the world, and they are right.
    As for Trump’s other, domestic issues, his dumb wall and his ranting about migrants, I have always regarded those parts of him as a waste of space.
    We know progress with great powerful states comes very slowly, always, but the hope here was that this iconoclastic billionaire just might be a serious agent of change after fifteen years of pointless wars and the birth of a new Cold War. You need a man like that to stand against the collective, entrenched monsters at CIA and the Pentagon, but he has failed us all.
    I fear for our future, and the planet’s, now that America’s blood-lust is up and we see virtually no strength anywhere to oppose it. Certainly pushovers like May and Merkel and Hollande offer nothing. and the UN has been reduced by the same blood-lust to a toothless debating society.

  15. The chaos in Syria was winding down. The TRAITORS in the Pentagon spent 18 months at $10MILLION a DAY hitting nothing. ISIS continued to hold miles long parades of OUR equipment complete with flags on clear, dry, sunny days, and the TRAITORS in the Pentagon “could not seem to bomb them”. ..…..
    Then the Russians came in and blew the ISIS asses off. Have you noticed the parades ENDED.
    ISIS has ZERO antiaircraft abilities. the TRAITORS in the Pentagon could have dropped bombs from HOT AIR BALLOONS ……. We KNOW who the Pentagon is working for and it is NOT America.
    That would be a “tragedy” for Turkey and Israel who are BOTH genocidally flooding White, CHRISTIAN Europe with muslum invaders …………. that war had to get going again …..
    Israel and Turkey dream of splitting Syria between them ….
    (1) Turkey/Erdogan, dreaming of a new Ottoman Empire, wants Syrian land, Erdogan wants to complete the CONQUEST of Europe that was stopped by SOBIESKI in 1683 …..
    (2) Israel grabbing Syrian land for “greater israel”, creating hell on earth while clearing enemy population from around it’s borders and —-
    (3) America, the “MASTERBLASTER” from the movie “Thunderdome” a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves ……..
    Who PROFITS? Who benefits by clearing enemy populations away from their borders so it can steal land for “greater israel” while genocidally flooding CHRISTianity at the same time.
    Israel does not have the NUMBERS to flood Europe so it uses the muslums as SHOCK TROOPS. What do the Jews think of JESUS? “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry …. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.” Read that last bit again: “Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”

  16. Finally, the Trumpeteers are waking up to reality… What fools they were to believe him… Now we have to live with his ‘leadership’ for the next 3+ years… God help us all…

  17. “Only 23 Of 59 ‘Precision’ Tomahawks Hit Their Targets – Only 6 Mig
    23s Which Were Under Repair Were Destroyed” – Russian Def Ministry
    Spokesman Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov These Were Aging Tomahawks & This
    Was An Inventory Clean-Out To Buy Shiny New Stock” source headline Sounds like a good “business” sense..

  18. Trump’s favorite campaign bit was the story of the woman and the snake. How does that story end? After the snake bites the woman that saved him he tells her: “It’s not my fault. You knew I was a snake.”

  19. If Syria needed to be ‘bombed’, why us? Aren’t there other countries that could do this, or at least help? Why is it always the U.S. that has to intervene and destroy things? We spend billions of dollars that we don’t have and never seem to accomplish anything except make more of the world angry at us.

  20. Look who gains the most from this stupid decision to bomb Syria??? ISRAEL! This is exactly what Israel wants, America to do the dirty, expensive work. This will result in a nuclear exchange.

  21. Krystol is just a Zionist whore. It is becoming more apparent that israel and the us cia conspired to give chemical weapons to al nusra for it to use in a false flag operation and then blame it on Assad. But, let’s not forget israel has used cluster bombs and chemical weapons in the past as well. trump fell for this false flag hook-line-and sinker. He will be a one term president. Now Americans must start looking for a true patriot to replace him!!!!!

  22. Trump and his wife Ivanka are evil.
    I am done forever, won’t look back.
    Looking forward to being nuked since I am in Silicon Valley, prime target.
    end times baby, let em roll at least there is justice rolling on down the pike.

  23. No halting of immigration onslaught, no Obamacare repeal, no tax reform, and now illegal bombing of a country that didn’t attack us
    what support??

  24. Let’s see how much of an egotistical buffoon Trump really is if he escalates things in the Middle East while at the same time escalating things in the South China Sea. The U.S. no longer has the capability to fight a large scale two front war. Russia and China have clear advantages in both regions.

  25. The path to recovery Syria was on greatly displeased the Talmudic deep state. So they launched this not-so-professional
    charade knowing full well how easy it is to deceive those who want to be. It is all so elementally transparent.

  26. When will the majority of Americans awake to the fact they’ve been duped, owned and controlled by Zionist controlled media, education, and government?? Better yet, when will Americans build a wall around Washington D.C. and fill it with concrete?
    When Trump gave us the Assad gassing beautiful babies speech he sealed his fate and became part of a dirty rotten false flag which I believe most people have had quite enough of
    There is no forgiving him that … all the many lies we are told for them to manufacture consent for their dirty wars …
    Trump was Clintons preferred candidate as wikileaks revealed. The whole electoral college was supposed to be a cake walk for Clinton. Almost every billionaire backed Clinton. The MSM was in the tank for Clinton. Google search engine was in the tank for Clinton. The Obama white house was helping Clinton. The F.B.I helped Clinton. Trump has been hammering bad trade since Reagan years. So now the Rothschilds are gonna understand the pain and frustration of the American people and are gonna put in a sleeper agent named Donald Trump and now the only way he won was we were duped by the Rothschilds? They are so brilliantly smart they knew if they orchestrated this most complex plan they would win?
    They knew Hillary would lose. They new the people were sick of the system. This way the people think they win but they will always have control.
    If the votes made any difference they would not let you vote.
    If there are a option A and a option B for president both options are of course owned by the master. It does not matter who wins it just need´s a little adjustment and a actor´s play to get the politics at the “right track” if the second choice win´s the game.
    People or sheeple need to understand that –
    Shadow gov’t is the deep state that runs the entire USA –
    President – Congress – federal gov’t – banking system – politicians – foreign policy – Military industry complex – pharmacutical industry – wars – etc –  The U.S. Constitution has been effectively overthrown, and that it is now observed only as a facade to deceive and placate the masses.

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