Trump’s Syria Pullout Fuels Backlash Across DC: Hawks, many liberals furious after surprise shift on Syria deployment

by axolotl_peyotl

File this one under one of the (only) “cautiously optimistic” actions taken by the Trump administration in its entire existence.

The Mockingbird MSM showed its true colors in a dramatic way when Trump first took military action in Syria, as the only time they expressed a shred of support for Trump was when he was doing the bidding of the genocidal military industrial complex.

Further proof that the MSM is merely an arm of the Deep State and its military, the reactions over Trump’s recent announcement are so predictable that it’s practically depressing:

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via antiwar:

Hillary Clinton advisers said the move would “strengthen Russia,” and CNN’s Jake Tapper quoted an unnamed Pentagon official calling the end of the war a Russian victory. Yet Russia has also been very public in drawing down its own war effort.

Indeed CNN was broadly critical in its coverage of the move out of Syria, generally focusing on liberal opposition to the change. The opposition appeared primarily built around it being a Trump policy.

MSNBC was also critical in its coverage, quoting former CIA Director John Brennan and multiple analysts reiterating the narrative that underpins the long-term presence in Syria which the rest of the administration had been parroting up until today.

It’s indicative of how much propaganda we’ve been inundated with when an entire party that used to be “anti-war” is now making excuses for the military industrial complex merely because they’ve been conditioned to hate Trump.

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It truly is a remarkable spectacle to behold.


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