Trump’s Wealth Fell $700 Million During Presidency

  • His commercial real estate holdings have taken a hit
  • Trump Organization took D.C. hotel off the market in 2019 
  • $80 million drop at 1290 Avenue of the Americas building  
  • Earnings at Mar-a-Lago, where Trump lives, are up 
  • The pandemic has slammed the hospitality industry
  • Expert says Capitol riot hurt Trump’s brand
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The pandemic that has slammed the global economy continues to take a toll on former President Donald Trump‘s personal wealth – with a steep drop of hundreds of millions compared to a year ago.

Trump’s total wealth is now estimated at $2.3 billion, according to the Bloomberg billionaire’s index. That is down from $3 billion before he took office.

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Trump famously announced he would step away from his real estate and branding empire, putting it in the hands of his adult sons Don Jr. and Eric, along with a Trump Organization executive when he took office – despite calls by public interest groups that he sell.


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