Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus and the shocking abuse happening in nursing homes. This tragedy wasn’t by accident

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Months from now, if and when we’re finally able to assess the coronavirus pandemic rationally and honestly, it’ll be clear that it was mostly a disaster for the old and the sick. Thirty-year-olds in Brooklyn have made the most noise, flooding the Internet with their neuroses.

But it is old people who have really suffered.

About a third of all deaths in this country so far have occurred in long-term care facilities. We told you a lot about the tragedy unfolding in New York.

As of Friday night, almost 6,000 nursing home residents have died there after Governor Andrew Cuomo forced facilities to admit infected patients.

But it’s not only happening in New York. In New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts for example, deaths in nursing homes account for more than half of the statewide totals.

So, if you’re old and in a facility, this virus has been genuinely dangerous.

But the real story is even worse than that, thanks to bad policies.



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